3D Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) for Critical Vessel Navigation & Situational Awareness

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3D Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) for Critical Vessel Navigation & Situational Awareness
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FarSounder is a leading developer of 3D forward looking sonars (FLS) that provide a critical navigation and situational awareness capability for a wide variety of vessel types. Our advanced underwater sonar systems generate real-time true 3D images of the environment ahead of a vessel, providing highly reliable hazard and obstacle detection for safe passage through challenging waters.

Cutting-edge 3D sonar technology

FarSounder’s advanced true 3D underwater sonar technology combines state-of-the-art acoustics, signal processing and phased array sonar design to create a highly reliable solution that provides the entire image within a single ping, with an extremely fast update rate.

3D sonar technologyOur sonars overcome the limitations faced by traditional 2D technologies, which are unable to distinguish between the safe seafloor and dangerous in-water obstacles through depth measurement and thus require visual systems that in turn introduce their own challenges.

These 2D systems are also unable to easily compensate for roll and pitch, and other factors such as multipath interference, surface effects, and vessel motions.

Our products provide an easy-to-install solution that compensates for these issues and reliably detects hazards, obstacles and shallows at navigationally significant ranges.

Convenient data display and export

sonar over chartsThe data generated by our sonars can be displayed on both an intuitive 3D display and as an overlay on nautical charts providing an easy-to-understand interface that allows vessels of all sizes to be piloted through unknown and uncharted waters. The built-in Local History Mapping capability allows users to build a colour-coded 3D map of the seafloor where the vessel has recently sailed. All Argos systems also allow users to define and set automated visual and audible alarms.

Bathymetric data collected by the system can also be utilized in survey applications, and can be exported to QPS Qinsy to monitor bathymetry and detected hazards in the survey software. Users can thus incorporate this data into their workflow.

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Argos Navigation Sonars

forward-looking sonars

The FarSounder Argos series of forward-looking sonars provides solutions with a range of options to suit different vessel sizes and requirements for range and maximum speed. Each system is based around the same advanced 3D sonar technology, allowing crews to traverse challenging environments with significantly reduced risk of collision.

The easily-integrated navigation sonar systems are ideal for both new-build and retrofitted systems with a variety of hull shapes, and are suitable for vessels both with and without bulbs.

Product Comparison:

  Argos 350m 3D Navigation Sonar Argos 500m 3D Navigation Sonar Argos 1000m 3D Navigation Sonar
Range Options 100, 200, 350 m 100, 200, 500 m 100, 200, 500, 1000 m
Field of View 90° up to 350m 120° up to 200m
90° up to 500m
120° up to 200m
90° up to 500m
60° up to 1000m
Max Speed 18 knots 20 knots 25 knots
Max Depth Detection 50 metres (165 ft)

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3D Sonar for Research and Survey VesselsEnvironmental Research and Survey
Argos navigational sonars allow scientific expeditions to reach the furthest and deepest areas of the world’s oceans, gathering critical data while minimizing risk of collisions and groundings.

3D Sonar for Defense and Government VesselsDefense and Government
The real-time 3D data generated by our sonars provides vital situational awareness for mission-critical naval, coast guard and government agency vessels, significantly reducing the level of risk for personnel.

3D Sonar for Fisheries and Commercial VesselsFisheries and Commercial Vessels
FarSounder sonars allow commercial vessels to avoid hazards such as debris and dangerous shallows, and assist them in localizing fishing habitats and finding good anchorages.

3D Sonar for Uncrewed & Autonomous VesselsUncrewed & Autonomous Vessels
Our sonars allow ASVs and USVs to overcome the limitations of traditional navigation sensors and technologies, providing crucial information to remote piloting and autonomy systems and helping to achieve the high levels of safety required by unmanned systems.

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