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Surface SPECTRE Marine autopilot for surface vessels

Marine autopilot for surface vessels

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The SPECTRE autopilot for surface craft is designed to provide remote-controlled and fully autonomous capabilities for vessels up to 15 metres in length, at speeds ranging from less than 1 kt to over 50 kts. The turnkey system is engineered as standard to control single-engine craft via a standard electronic throttle actuator and hydraulic steering pump, but can be easily configured to meet a range of other requirements.

The system provides a number of self-tuning autopilot control modes with advanced sensor data fusion and adaptive autopilot algorithms to ensure stability even at at high speed. SPECTRE-equipped vessels can be controlled via radio modem or Iridium satellite communications.

SPECTRE was the first system approved for unmanned operation in UK coastal waters by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, and is ideal for a wide range of applications including surveillance, mine counter-measures, and target towing.